Non-Fiction Family Tree
Target 6.6a- Text Features

Online Text feature game

Text Features i.e. glossary index.ppt

Target 6.6b/c- Main Idea & Details
Online Quia Quiz on Main Idea and Details

BrainPOP Main Idea Movie and Quiz- Login through Clever or with Marsteller, bulldog

Target 6.6d- Summarize

Target 6.6e- Drawing Conclusions and Making Inferences
Inference Quizlet
Inference in Fiction WS.pdf

Target 6.6f/g- Author's Organizational Pattern/Clue words and transitional words
Nonfiction Text Structure for review.ppt

Target 6.6h- Fact and Opinion

Target 6.6i- Cause and Effect

Target 6.6j- Using Textual Evidence

Target 6.6k- Reading Strategies