For periods one, three, four, and seven we are going to revisit figurative language, and in periods five and six, we are going to review synonyms and antonyms.  For each lesson, there is a video to watch which includes a practice activity, and then there is another practice activity for you to do.  I will post the answers for each activity at the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions about anything, you can email me or join the Zoom session I have schedule for Wednesday, April 15 at 1:30.

Period One-(6.4d, 7.4c, 8.4a Identify Figurative Language) We are going to review the four types of figurative language we have previously learned in class.  They are similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and personification. Before you watch the video, think about what you remember about these four types, and then connect that to what you see in the video.

Now read each example and decide which type of figurative language you can identify. Write your answers on a piece of paper, and then check the answers at the bottom of the page.
1. I've told you a million times not to do that! _______________ 
2. The soup was as hot as lava. __________________ 
3. My baby sister is an angel. ____________________ 
4. I can't find my pencil. I guess it just got up and walked away. _______________ 
5. My older sister is a monster. ____________________ 
6. I had to stand in line forever at the store. __________________ 
7. She is as sweet as candy. ____________________ 
8. I'm so tired that I could sleep for 100 years. ___________________
9. The flowers were dancing in the spring breeze. _________________ 
10. I'm never talking to my mom again! _______________________

Period Three, Period Four, and Period Seven-((6.4d, 7.4c, 8.4a Identify Figurative Language)

We will be focusing on the following types of figurative language: onomatopoeia, metaphors, hyperbole, alliteration, simile, idioms, and personification.  Think about what you already know about these things and then watch the video.  Connect what you know to what you see in the video.

After watching the video, complete the following practice activity. (To open this link, highlight it, right click on it, and then click on the "go to" link.  It will open in another tab on your computer.

Period Five, Period 6-(6.4c, 7.4b Use Antonyms/Synonyms)
We will reviewing the difference between words that are antonyms and words that are synonyms and identifying examples of each kind. Think about what you already know about these kinds of words before watching the video, and then connect that information with what you see in the video.

After watching the video, complete the chart below. The answers will be at the bottom of the page for you to check. 

 Word  Synonym  Antonym

Period One:
1. hyperbole
2. simile
3. metaphor
4. personification
5. metaphor
6. hyperbole
7. simile
8. hyperbole
9. personification
10. hyperbole

Periods three, four, and seven:
1. hyperbole
2. personification
3. alliteration
4. simile
5. idiom
6. onomatopoeia
7. metaphor
8. d
9. c
10. b
11. a
12. b
13. a 
14. a 
15. c
For the next two parts, the answer will vary.  If you want me to check your answers, just email me, and I'll check them for you.

Answers:  Period Five, Period Six
 Word  Synonym  Antonym
 big  large  small/little
 hot  warm  cold
 smart  intelligent  dumb
 difficult  hard  easy
 far  distant  near
 expensive  costly  cheap
 pretty  beautiful  ugly
 awesome  great  horrible
 quick  fast  slow