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Parents- Thank you for all of your support from home while we navigate virtual learning and maintain social distance. 
I could not do this without your support, so thank you!

Welcome to Language Arts with Mrs. Nichols!   The best way to contact me is via email:

Welcome to Virtual Online Learning Opportunities in Sixth Grade Language Arts:

Here is a list of standards that we have covered in class from August through March.  The standards with a gold star have been taught, while the standards in italics were to be covered in the fourth quarter.
6th Grade English Standards of Learning.pdf

Weekly Lesson Info:
During this time of school closure, it is most important to focus on self-care, staying positive, and staying healthy.  However, since important reading skills such as fluency, vocabulary, inferencing, and comprehension take daily practice, I recommend taking time to read each day.  Going forward, our Sixth Grade Language Arts Teaching Team will have a weekly review lesson, posted on Wednesday mornings, with office hours following on Thursday afternoons. 

Week Ten, June 3 "Wednesday Lesson" on Affixes:

News With Nichols June3.pdf

Suggested Learning Lesson and Activity June3.pdf

Affixes mp4

Affixes PowerPoint

Optional Extension Activity

Comic Strip

Week Eight, May 20 "Wednesday Lesson" on Part 2 of Author's Organizational Patterns/Text Structures:
News With Nichols May 20.pdf
Suggested Learning Lesson and Activity May20.pdf
Organizational Patterns Part 2.mp4
Week 8_Organizational Patterns_part 2.pptx
Optional Act. 2_Alcatraz_questions docx.docx

Week Seven, May 13 "Wednesday Lesson" on Author's Organizational Patterns/Text Structures:
Organizational Patterns Text Structures 1.mp4
Week7_Organizational Patterns.pptx
Suggested Learning Lesson and Activity May13.pdf
News With Nichols May13.pdf

Week Six, May 6 "Wednesday Lesson" on Main Idea:
Finding The Main Idea (for Bulldogs)- Audio Version.mp4
Resource 1- Main Idea Graphic Organizer (for Bulldogs).pdf
Suggested Learning Lesson and Activity May6.pdf
News With Nichols May6.pdf

Week Five, April 29 "Wednesday Lesson" on Narrative Elements:
News With Nichols April29.pdf
Suggested Learning Lesson and Activity April 29.pdf
All About Fiction.pptx - Please play the Power Point as a slideshow to view the embedded videos.
Flocabulary on Setting, Plot, Characters, Conflict, and Theme

Week Four, April 22 "Wednesday Lesson" on Figurative Language:
Suggested Learning Lesson and Activity April 22.pdf
News With Nichols April22.pdf

Week Three, April 15 "Wednesday Lesson" on Context Clues:
Suggested Learning Lesson and Activity April 15.pdf
Context Clues
Previous Optional Activities:
Suggested Learning Activities March 30 to April 3.pdf
Suggested Learning Activities March 23 to 27.pdf

Book Talk "First Chapter Friday" YouTube video:
As we navigate online learning, I will be posting book talks each Friday and sending students the direct link.  Check here for NewsWithNichols YouTube videos, book talks, and online lessons.
Book Talk "First Chapter Friday"- Girl, Stolen
Book Talk "First Chapter Friday"- Nightbooks
Book Talk "First Chapter Friday"- Eleven
Book Talk "First Chapter Friday"- Words on Fire
Book Talk "First Chapter Friday"- The Crossover
If ANY student is in need of a meal during this time, Marsteller is one of the schools in the area that is a designated to-go meal pick-up station.  Food pick-up will be located at the front entrance of Marsteller.  PWCS students under the age of 18 are able to pick up free breakfast and lunch between the times of 9am and 11am, Monday through Friday, whether they qualify for free/reduced meals or not.  Here is the link to the announcement, available in multiple languages:

Internet Resources:  
High-speed Internet Resources-

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Students, make good choices and be kind to one another!