Team Announcements

Please go to the athletic page and complete the athletic covid form each day of try-outs.  This comes to me and the trainer and must be done.  If not they will have to fill-out a paper copy which must be checked by the trainer or myself.   If you make the team you will continue to complete this form each day.  Only those students trying out are allowed in the gym after school, parents please pick them up at 4:50.  Activity buses will be available for try-outs, then they are available Tuesday-Thursday. After the first 3 days, any wrestling player who did not make the team will be welcome in the wrestling room.  On the 5th day to determine the lowest weight class they can wrestle in.  Then the coaches will start wrestle-offs, which is an internal tournament for each weight class to determine the varsity wrestler for each weight class.  The coaches will decide how many they will need for each weight class.  The weight classes are 75, 80, 86, 92, 98, 106, 114, 122, 131, 140, 149, 158, 168, 180, 205, and 265.  Wrestlers must weigh under the weight to be in each weight class and can only wrestle-up a weight class and not down. 

Team Selection

Please see the paper below to better understand our try-out process.

Any question please email Mr. Kibler at [email protected]

Team Contacts

Coach Kibler [email protected]
Coach Lang [email protected]