Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club at Marsteller works very hard all year to capture the moments that mean the most to students at MMS.  The yearbook provides students with a glimpse of history of their middle school lives. The staff of the 2021-22 Bulldog is working very hard to create a lasting memory for everyone at Marsteller.

Group Announcements


Hey there staffers!!!!!
All of our meetings will be on Tuesdays from 3:00 - 4:00 until March. Here are the Meeting dates for the 2021-2022 School Year:

  • September - ?
  • October -  ?
  • November - ?
  • December -  ?
  • January  - ?
  • February -?
  • March - ???? (3:00 - 4:55)
  • April - ??????? (If needed)
  • May - (Not sure yet, but we will probably meet)
  • June ????? Book distribution day!

Yearbook Staff Log in procedures

Use the Yearbook Editing Site.  Our Job Number is 42894.  Your login is the one you gave Mrs. Buchheit and your password is your Student ID number.

Buying your Yearbook

Looking to buy your yearbook? Go to the Jostens' Yearbooks website.