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Marsteller School Counseling Home

The mission of the Marsteller Middle School School Counseling Department is to meet the needs of a diverse student population through individual counseling, small groups and classroom guidance.  We provide a developmental program for students to experience success in academic, personal/social and career exploration.   Our team works together to promote each student's individual potential.

2021-2022 Staff

Marsteller Middle School Counselors
 Name Email address Assignments

 Mrs. Lesley Wark

[email protected]

Director of School Counseling

(I get to see anyone!)

 Mrs. Sara Correll

[email protected]

6th and 7th grade A-C

8th grade A-K

 Mrs. Stephanie Sturges

 [email protected]

6th and 7th grade D-K

 Mrs. Rebecca Powers

 [email protected]

6th and 7th grade L-PA

8th grade L-Z

 Mr. John Lang

 [email protected]

6th and 7th grade PE-Z

 Secretary / Registrar -Mrs. Candida Benitez [email protected]

Come on over to our Canvas site for a wealth of information to help you get organized, study more efficiently or just chill out when the stress is getting to you!!!!

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Need to talk to your counselor?   Click  See My Counselor     to request a meeting.

How do I

Register my student?

See the "New Student Registration" link to the left of this page for what you need to bring with you.

Meet with my counselor? 

During online instruction school hours students may request an appointment through the Counseling Module in CANVAS or through this link:Appointment Request.
During in-person instruction school hours students may come to the School Counseling Office with a pass from their teacher and sign up on the IPAD in waiting area or follow this link:  Appointment RequestStudents may also talk to the counselor during at lunch.  Counselors are in the cafeteria for their grade level lunch shift.  Students may refer themselves, parents may refer students and/or teachers may refer students.  

Set up a conference with teachers? 

Contact your child's school counselor.

Get a Work Permit?

 Schools no longer issue work permits.  Go to this websitefor more information.   Click on:  Employment Certificate Automated Application Process: an automated, employment certificate process in accordance with the General Assembly changes to §40.1-92 of the Code of Virginia effective July 1, 2013. Children and their parents no longer need to apply for an employment certificate at their school

Social Media Confusing?

 PWC Office of Student Services has developed a website for parents, teachers and students to get more information on the issues with Social Media in our lives today. Follow this link for more information on Social Media.