Kiss and Ride
Posted on 08/25/2017
Marsteller MS Kiss and Ride Map


Parents are reminded that when picking up or dropping off a student to avoid blocking the bus lanes. Parents should not leave their vehicles unattended in any area marked with a yellow curb. Please note that the Kiss and Ride lane is one way. Parents should follow the direction of staff members as they direct traffic in the Kiss and Ride lane. It is important that we keep the safety our students and staff our #1 priority.

- Please pay full time attention and follow the directions provided by staff in the parking lot.

- Please pull forward as far you can.

- Please have your child(ren) sit in the back behind the driver’s side and exit to the sidewalk for safety reasons.

- Please drop-off your child(ren) only on the sidewalks designated on the map as “Drop-Off Zones.”

- Students are to stay on the sidewalk, crossing only at the designated crosswalk. Students are not to walk through the parking lot.

- Come early! The closer to the start or dismissal of school, the more crowded it gets.

Marsteller Middle School hours are 8:15 to 2:55. Our front office hours are 7:45 to 4:00. Students are welcomed into the building as early as 8:00 A. M. 



Marsteller MS Kiss and Ride Map